Patlansky/Marriott Gig Review 26/3/18

"Patlansky's anecdote that the youthful Gatza would have probably been listening with his parents to the Backstreet Boys as he grew up, as opposed to Patlansky's parents listening to BB King in Dan's formative years, lead us into a cover of the great man's 'You Upset Me' before they returned to 'PF' and the mellow 'Mayday' with its slow, smooth, late night Blues feel, complete again with a building Floyd sounding guitar solo which not only showed the amazing versatility of Patlansky, but also, unfortunately highlighted the chatter going on at the back of the venue. Why not join our campaign?: #shutthefuckup 'Too Far Gone' - ironically a protest song from 'PK' about the state of our planet and what we are doing to it - saw solidarity from Gatza, rightly back on his feet again, well supported by Patlansky's fuzzy wah guitar, before Dehmel's drum intro on Introvertigo's first single and upbeat Blues of 'Stop The Messin' had Patlansky again growling out the lyrics, his vocal edginess to his Blues not only matched by his undeniable fret skills, but also his interplay with Gatza's keyboards delighting The Borderline faithful."

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