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Patlansky At Borderline Tonight 21/3/18

"It's a short song with Hendrix overtones that makes me eager to hear the rest of the album. 'Still Wanna Be Your Man' slows things down again with a tender song interspersed with searing solos and a voice that had me thinking of Alice Cooper. Not quite sure why but there you go. Closing track, and extended glorified jam is 'My Chana' which gives Patlansky to show off and showboat in equal measures. Jamming with his band the South African shows off every skill with guitar played in various positions. This guy has it all and is not afraid to show it." That was our take the last time we saw 2017 WRC Best Blues Rock Performance winner Dan Patlansky supporting Joanne Shaw Taylor at The Royal Festival Hall last November and Dan returns to London tonight at The Borderline (9pm) with support from Mollie Marriott (pictured) at 8pm.

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