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Parris Aggro 2/11/20

Cro-Mags founder and songwriter Parris Mayhew has returned with a new instrumental Hardcore/Metal band, Aggros, plus a brand-new single and today's Track Of The Day, 'Chaos Magic'. The band will release music in a true DIY Hardcore style – no label, self-releasing one song at a time, accompanied by a video for each. Directed by Mayhew himself, the guitarist used the Covid-19 Lockdown and empty streets of Manhattan to his advantage, making nightly excursions to film anywhere from two to six hours a night. Indeed, the music will sound and feel familiar to anyone who knows Mayhew’s previous three albums, as Aggros is simply a continuation of his musical exploration. Fans who are accustomed to a big Rock sound production from Mayhew’s guitar will find that 'Chaos Magic' is more streamlined and raw.

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