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Pale Horseman Interview 9/9/20

Pale Horseman join today's Zach Moonshine Show Track Of The Day as they talk about and play their new record, plus answer fan submitted questions from Zach's live chat room. There's also new music from Zakk Sabbath, Sarcator, Arcanum Sanctum, Alter Idem, Hatefulmurder, Six Feet Under, Empyrean Fire, Gravehuffer, Jason Aaron Wood, Shitload, Macabre, Khemmis, These Beasts, En Minor, Killer Be Killed, Malus Dextra/Egans Rats (Battle Of The Bands winners), Bliss Of Flesh, Bloodsoaked Necrovoid, Bondbreakr, Dead Head, Electric Hydra, Horde Of Hel (Sweden), Kilter, Kromheim and Madrost.

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