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Palace Escape 27/8/20

Future Palace's debut album, 'Escape', due to be released on Friday 18th September, sees the Berlin trio deeply rooted in the Post-Hardcore genre, whilst being influenced by different styles of Electronica, Soul and 80's-Synth-Pop, all united, such as today's Video Of The Day of 'Maybe'. Guitarist Manuel, singer Maria and drummer Johannes, having met at the end of 2018, have not been a band for too long. however, the attention to detail in their songs has led to this complex mix of genres on their album. 'Escape' is an impressive demonstration of the cathartic force of music and emotions being as diverse and differentiated, and is testament to the clear vision of a well harmonised trio, which at this early stage of their career, already knows very well how to combine their strength in the most efficient way.

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