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Owen Auskerry Recovery Fund Hits £28k! 31/1/16

Owen Auskerry is currently in a Thai hospital having suffered from a brain aneurysm on 13th January. A go fundmepage here set up by his brother and Route 66 Radio show host Rory Auskerry to help fund his recovery and repatriation to the UK is now amazingly just short of its £30k target. The latest update from Rory reads "We’ve had slightly conflicting information from a couple of different doctors today so we’re not entirely clear on exactly how many days it’ll be until Owen can come home but he is moving out of intensive care today which is great. However, because of the vasospasm persisting, we have been advised that he is going to need round the clock attention in case he has a seizure when he is on his own. We are going to use some money from this fund to pay for a 12 hour night nurse, and Mum and Dad will sit with him the rest of the time." Therefore, if any of you want to help kindly reach that target, no matter how little the amount, then the WRC would truly be grateful.

Thank you.

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