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Overthinker 14/9/20

Truly a song of our times, the track 'Overthinker' has a Bluesy feel that is carried off to perfection by Georgia and her Retro-Pop band, The Vintage Youth, which is due to be released on Friday 24th September. Calling to mind the great Pop traditions of 60's girl bands, as well as legends such as Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin and Marc Bolan, Georgia & The Vintage Youth are crafting clever, thoughtful and fun tunes to fit any era. 'Overthinker' is no different, taking the universal themes of the uncertainty and dissatisfaction found in your twenties, and turning it into a catchy party tune with an unmistakable youthful energy and a fresh sound. Indeed, this forthcoming release sees the band taking their next step in their journey, not only melding lyrics with timeless musical ideas, but also sounding completely unique, yet with undeniably widespread appeal at the same time.

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