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Overloaded 12/6/17

With their impressive 2013 debut album 'Hard Rock ‘n’ Roll', their 2015 follow up 'Rolling In Town' and fresh from their first European tour in 2016, 42 Decibel is making a comeback with their latest album, 'Overloaded', which will be released on Friday 23rd June. The band has recorded ten new Rock tracks inspired by the idea of pushing a piece of equipment to its limits. The band recorded and mixed with this in mind, such as VU meters hitting the red zone and red lights flashing resulting in various types of distortion! 'Overloaded' still carries the Blues Rock torch from the previous albums, but this time 42 Decibel cranked it up a notch to give a more explosive experience but with that same Hard Rock 'n' Roll these boys are known for. The current line-up with Junior Figueroa (vocals, guitar), Nicko Cambiasso (drums), Billy Bob Riley (rhythm & slide guitar) and Matt Fraga (bass), is bursting with energy and thirst for action, and – with the exception of the final mastering of the album, for which they once more enlisted the services of Justin Weis – took on the entire spectrum of tasks involved in a dynamic studio production themselves.

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