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Outside The Lines 22/7/16

"Focussing understandably on the undoubted strength of both the US and Canadian Blues market, good UK music press coverage in the last couple of years - had forced Antonik's hand to test the muddy waters, and hopefully take advantage of, the growing, receptive UK Blues Rock scene - despite the financial reality of touring as an independent artist. Indeed Blues In Britain's John Mitchell and his wife, who were in the audience, were accommodating Chris on this tour. Delving into 'Roll With It' and 'More To Give' from his debut album for openers, Chris then threw in his first cover of the evening - Charles Segar and Willie Broonzy's standard 'Key To The Highway' followed by the first of his songs from his second album 'Better For You' - 'Come From A Good Place'. 'King Of Infidelity' - again from his debut album - rubber-stamped his blend of innovative, thoughtful songwriting with stunning Blues guitar work - written at the time of Antonik's transformation from a club guitarist to a songwriter - allowing his creative juices to acknowledge the influences of Dylan, Cale and compatriot Cohen."

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