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Out Of The Shadows 23/8/17

Into The Unknown release their debut album - 'Out of The Shadows' on Friday 20th October through Vigilante Records. Influenced by Nightwish, Guns N' Roses and Adele amongst others - their sound is quite unique. The album features nine newly penned tracks and two covers ranging from the acoustic “'Breaking My Heart”' through the anthemic “'Monsters”' to the Hard Rocking “'Why Me?”' and “'Once”'. Throw into the mix an interesting choice of covers - Miley Cyrus' “'Wrecking Ball”' and Chris de Burghs’' “'Don’'t Pay the Ferryman”' - and you have a diverse album full of catchy choruses, soaring vocals and raucous riffs. The core of the band is vocalist Lucie Hölzlová, with guitarist Ryan Atkins and bassist/producer Rupert Withers. Together they have penned all the original songs on the album.

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