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Out Of My Head 21/7/17

The last time we saw Puddle Of Mudd at the O2 Academy in Islington in March last year, we pleaded with frontman Wes Scantlin to sort his demons out - despite it being a memorable gig for all the right and wrong reasons. Sixteen months later and POM were due to return to 'The Smoke' last night - The Garage at Highbury to be precise - so would it be worthwhile for one particular WRC member flying all the way back from Majorca just for the gig and then flying back to Majorca again the morning after? Was he, as the POM song goes 'Out Of My Head' to do such a thing? Well once news filtered through after The Fallen State's set (pictured) that Scantlin had not been allowed to leave the USA and that POM would not be appearing - understandably Wrinkly The Silver Fox was not a happy man! Anyway, check out today's Vid Of The Day of 'special guests' Trapt - with more pics to come.

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