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Other Side Of The City 4/5/19

Trucker Diablo closed 2018 playing Winter Storm Festival and earned the tag of “most fun and rockin' band of the weekend!”. Quietly tinkering with the Big Truck over the winter period, and regaining control over previously label owned albums, the band dug some song ideas out of the archives, and from those sessions came the idea to celebrate 10 years of Trucker Diablo by re-releasing the first two albums in a special package, with bonus tracks and unreleased songs. Recorded late 2018 with long term producer Frankie McClay at Einstein Studios, and featuring current bassist Jim McGurk, the lead single ‘Other Side of the City’ (today's Track Of The Day) was released at the end of last month and is one of the unreleased tunes from that period and combines everything Trucker became known for since that initial debut album, big riffs, sing along choruses and that feeling we’re in it together! Consequently, the new package became the 30-song laden 'Devil Songs', the combination of 'The Devil Rhythm' and 'Songs of Iron', due to be released later this month.


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