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Origin Of The Lugubrious 12/7/20

Master Charger, a hard-working, heavy, fuzzed-up 3-piece Stoner act from the Midlands, are set to release their third album, 'Origin of the Lugubrious', on Friday 21st August, and it's their first on Stoned Rocka Recordings. Widely known on the live circuit as a formidable powerhouse with a reputation for delivering bone-crushing sets over sublime Stoner grooves, they bring a unique blend of ballsy, bluesy, groove fuelled, doom-laden and at times jammed out Rock ‘N’ Roll Sludge. This was later dubbed as a “Satanic Blues Rumble” when a fan best described the band’s sound after a show they played at Birmingham’s O2 Academy, which has since stuck! Formed in 2006, the band released their first full-length album 'Unity In Black' in 2011, followed eventually, in January 2016, by 'Eroding Empires'.


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