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One Day Of Your Life 26/5/18

King Company's new album ‘Queen Of Hearts’ will be released on Friday 10th August, following which the band will tour to promote it, beginning in Finland, followed by a festival appearance in Spain and further shows in the works for the remainder of the year and well into 2019. Formed in 2014 by drummer Mirka ‘Leka’ Rantanen, the Finnish Hard Rock and Metal band consist of Antti Wirman (guitars), Jari Pailamo (keyboards), Timo Schleifer (bass) and Leonard F. Guillan (vocals). The band released their debut album, ‘One For The Road’, in August 2016. It was well received with multiple great reviews worldwide, plus the band were ranked no. 7 in the well-known Japanese magazine BURRN in the Brightest Hope category for that year. Anyway, check out their latest single 'One Day Of Your Life' which is today's Video Of The Day.

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