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Once Upon A Time In Texas 6/10/16

"An unexpected but excellent opening steel-string instrumental arrangement of Simon and Garfunkel's classic 'Mrs. Robinson' is trumped by Johnson's piano and vocals on his next track, the beautiful 'Water Under The Bridge'. Of course, better known for his guitar playing, Johnson gets out his prized 1980 Martin D-45 acoustic guitar - a gift from his late father - on 'Wonder' - another great vocal by Johnson - doing his dad proud. It's back to piano for Johnson on 'Wrapped in a Cloud', a neatly constructed vocal ensemble track with cellist John Hagen, longtime Johnson accompanists Tommy Taylor and Wayne Salzmann on drums and Roscoe Beck and Chris Maresh on acoustic bass. And he's back playing the steel-string on the explosive instrumental 'Once Upon a Time in Texas' - very reminiscent of Townshend's acoustic guitar in the masterpiece that is 'Tommy'. The second cover on 'EJ' is Johnson's vocal rearrangement of Hendrix's 'One Rainy Wish' for guitar and piano, capping the performance with a jazz-inflected piano solo plus haunting backing vocals."

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