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Once Upon A Time 18/4/20

Inventive, distinctive German Progressive Rock/Metal group Cryptex recently signed with Steamhammer/SPV to release ‘Once Upon A Time’ their irrefutably excellent third album, on Friday 8th May, of which 'Bloodmoon', the potent, atmospheric first single from the album, is today's Track Of The Day. Packed with unpredictable time changes and a host of genius musical moments, the new album is their most emotional, profound and uncompromising piece of work yet, and is a swaggeringly diverse, mesmeric delight. Comprising of multi-instrumentalist Simon Moxon, bassist/co-lyricist Marc Andrejkovits, guitarist André Jean Henri Mertens and drummer Simon Schröder, the band describe the consummate songs on ‘Once Upon A Time’, as an “unrestrained, autobiographic psychograms full of ambivalent feelings and approaches in self-reflection”, and are indubitably set to win over hordes of new fans worldwide with this astonishing, arresting, inspired album.

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