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On The Road Lifesigns 9/2/23

"Overall, the album has a clean smooth and crisp production, impressively rich songwriting with effectively stirring arrangements and formidable musicianship. Sure to appeal to admirers of Prog Rock giants such as Genesis, Yes, Camel, Marillion and Gilmour era Floyd." That was part of our take last year on 'Altitude', the third studio album from Melodic Prog heavyweights, Lifesigns, and following their recent success in Prog Magazine's 2022 Readers Poll, not only are the band planning to release both a new live CD/DVD and their next studio album later this year, but they will also be hitting the road in the UK and beyond from this month, including London's The Half Moon Putney on Sunday 5th March, so check out today's Video Of The Day of 'At The End Of The World', recorded just under four years ago at Germany's Blues Garage in Isernhagen.


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