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On The Brink 8/4/18

Influenced by great Rock bands of both the past and present, The Brink bring new life and energy to today’s scene with their vibrant 21st Century form of balls-to-the-wall Rock N’ Roll and the band recently released their new single 'Little Janie' (today's Track Of The Day) on Thursday. They also have a hard-earned reputation as one of the hardest working young bands around. Starting out in Wisbech and Cambridge, the group have quietly worked their way up the ladder to headline in cities such as London, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, Nottingham and Lincoln. Following two self-released EP’s, they signed to Frontiers in 2017 and have been recording a debut album with producer Nick Tauber (Thin Lizzy, UFO, Marillion) for release in the Autumn. Meanwhile, they can be seen on tour in April, including Frontiers New Breed Night on Thursday 26th April at London's The Black Heart in Camden, which will also feature Doomsday Outlaw and Dirty Thrills.

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