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Oh Danny Boy! 29/2/16

"Danny immediately endeared himself to the crowded tent by saying that he either had all of a sudden become very popular or it was the fact that that everyone wanted to get out of the rain! Well it was definitely a case of the former given Danny’s critically acclaimed album ‘Temperature Rising’ has been nominated in the British Blues Awards and it was one of those songs – ‘Guntown’ that stood out in an impressive set. Complemented by Alex Phillips on bass, Danny had to be thankful that in his guitar solo induced forays to the front of the stage – that he was in the dry and in no danger of slipping off the stage! Personally – one of my top 3 sets of the day." That was AJ's take on Danny Bryant at Ramblin' Man last July - so it was no surprise that Danny blew everyone away at Leo's Red Lion last night! Check out todays Vid Of The Day with more pics and a review to come!

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