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'Official NWOCR - Volume 1' Album Review 23/7/21

"With 42 bands on the album, the vast majority of them, unsurprisingly, have been on our WRC radar over the years. However, a bit like stumbling across a great band at a gig that you have never seen before (do you remember that feeling?), thankfully, there are a few bands that we have not crossed paths with before, which, in essence, for the listener, is the beauty of this release, particularly given the surreal times we currently live in."

'The Official New Wave Of Classic Rock - Volume 1' 2CD compilation album, featuring a selection of white hot tracks of the best and current NWOCR Bands and music artists, has been released today, so read below AJ's complete take on one of the fastest growing movements in Rock music, plus check out today's Massive Wagons and Friends Video Of The Day.


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