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Ocean Hills Santa Monica 31/8/20

Brand new US Alternative Rock band Ocean Hills, recently dropped their third single and today's Video Of The Day for 'Santa Monica', which is a Classic Rock themed anthem geared for the Summer, about sand, the beach and living life with fun and happiness. With all the negativity and fear going on In today’s world this song is very much needed, so if you're into guitar solos and Rock 'n' Roll, then this song is for you! Launched by frontman Zoli Téglás, formerly the voice of Melodic Hardcore band Ignite for 25 years, plus Pennywise and the Misfits, Téglás has recruited Peter Lukacs (lead guitar), Daniel Szebenyi (keyboards and bass) and Reinder Oldenburger (rhythm guitar) – all with integral contributions to the band’s songwriting.

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