Ocean Alley Earth Gig Review 18/9/19

"On their recordings, Ocean Alley present a wide dreamy sonic soundscape that it very appealing, with lots of interesting nuances. In the confines of Earth the sound engineers did their level best to create the aural equivalent of the mosh pit – the physical representation of which, incidentally, covered 90% of the available floor space in this crammed sweaty venue, rammed full of students who treated every song as if it was ‘Mr Brightside’. The sound was heavy on the bass and drums with, aside from occasional spacey guitar, only the heavily reverbed vocals of charismatic frontman Baden Donegal floating high above the backing like a seagull looking down on the surfer dudes slowly moving across the ocean."

Today read the whole of Simon Green's Ocean Alley gig review from London's Earth in Hackney from Friday 30th August here, plus check out our Photo Gallery here.