O2 Academy Islington Review 25/2/19

"Finally, full Hard Rockin' order was restored with their glorious closing headbanger and second single off of 'AIT' 'Not Your Enemy' - with its riff to die for and some final stack climbing. Demanding that we "Give It Up For The Support Bands", they left the stage to rapturous applause before taking the obligatory photo of the jubilant crowd. A set stuffed with recognisable riffs and singable lyrics - there was not a filler in sight. These guys never fail to deliver. All in all, not only a brilliant night of Rock from three young dynamic bands, but just as importantly, performed also to a young demographic who thankfully don't operate solely in the world called 'The Brits'. Sod Blue Oyster Cult - so pleased to witness tonight that Rock music is in such safe hands."

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