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Novena's Eleventh Hour 14/3/20

UK Prog Metal/Rock band Novena established themselves on the international Prog scene in 2016 with the release of the widely praised EP 'Secondary Genesis', and not only has every song on their latest release ‘Eleventh Hour’ have a solid and personal identity with memorable choruses, such as today's Video Of The Day 'Disconnected', but Novena will also be playing London's Nambucca on Friday 3rd April in support of the album. Boasting the vocal talent of Ross Jennings (Haken) and inimitable poetry of co-vocalist Gareth Mason (Slice The Cake), the blistering guitar work of Dan Thornton (ex-Haarp Machine, ex-No Sin Evades His Gaze) and musical drumming of Cameron Spence (Ravenface), plus the expressive and versatile bass playing of Moat Lowe (Slugdge, ex-NSEHG) and the complex and nuanced compositions of guitarist/keyboardist Harrison White, the band always delivers something greater than the sum of its parts.

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