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November WRC Bulletin Out Today 1/11/16

Today's November 2016 WRC e-mail Bulletin not only looks forward to Wrinklystock 5 in just 26 days time, but we also look ahead to November gigs from Terry Reid, Blues Pills, Queen Extravaganza, Beth Hart, King King and Airbourne. Phew! We also look back at our October gigs including Diamond Head, An Evening For Jack, Brit Floyd, Robin Trower, Nickelback, Bad Company, Amor & Fisk and Broken Witt Rebels plus new CD reviews of Aynsley Lister, Eric Johnson, GT's Boos Band and Halfway To New York. Remember just go here to sign up for FREE membership where you can get discounts on selected gigs and merchandise! And if you are not currently on our e-mail circulation list then please send us your details in the contact box below!

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