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Northern Sun Sessions 2/11/18

The Virginmarys (Video Of The Day) are back with a new album due to be released on Sunday 18th November entitled 'Northern Sun Sessions'. Hailing from Macclesfield, the band have been hard at it in the studio since the start of the year self producing and creating fresh new works alongside piecing together previously unfinished material, all of which follow the intensity, honesty and urgency that has become a trademark to The Virginmarys sound. After the success of their debut album ‘King Of Conflict’ and follow up sophomore ‘Divides’ produced and mixed by Gil Norton (Foo Fighters, Pixies), singer/guitarist Ally Dickaty says this third album is his favourite work to date. The Virginmarys have always endeavoured to remain deeply rooted in their own sound, organically turning away from fads, scenes or indeed anything that steers them away from their own playing styles. Amongst the intensity and danger in The Virginmarys sound, there remains a strong sense of vulnerability and social conscience running through the songs that often lyrically express painful and uncomfortable honesty like a rhetoric of dark journey.

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