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Noble Jacks CD Review 28/3/20

"For me to say that the best two songs are next, is of course arguable, but the anthemic Rock of ‘What Did You Say’ and hooky guitar lines of ‘This Is Real’, caught me on the first play and tick the strong song box! ‘Enjoy The Ride’, followed by ‘Road Of Death’, may not sit well together as titles when your just about to take a journey, but they do return to their lighter Folky Americana from earlier on the album."

Today read another of our self-isolating album reviews, as Geoff C. this time gives you his take here on Noble Jacks' new sophomore deluxe CD edition of 'Stay Awake' which was released yesterday, plus check out our Video Of The Day. Remember, If you are currently kicking your heels and you fancy doing a self-isolation CD review, then don't be shy, just e-mail us at

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