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No Worries 16/4/17

A new video has been released for Sammy Hagar's latest album 'When The Party Started' - which has been out in the US since late November last year and has been out in the UK since the end of March this year on Mailboat/Membran. The new compilation includes two unreleased songs ‘No Worries’ (Vid Of The Day) and ‘Never Said Goodbye’. Hagar recently said "With this collection, I wanted to revisit what I feel are the best songs I wrote during the second wave. I’d left Van Halen and formed the Wabos as an alternative to the superstar, high-pressure, commercial machine that I’d been living in since I joined Montrose in 1972. These albums, ‘Red Voodoo’ (1999), ‘Ten 13’ (2000) and ‘Livin’ It Up’ (2006), represent the first time I was free from the pressures of putting out a major label release in 25 years. Musically, I needed to shake it up and fall in love with making music again."

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