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No Smoke Without Fire 13/4/17

"Half way through their set they delivered a very tasty meat in their sandwich with 'Sleeping Dogs' from 'TW' - beautifully elongated with a jam medley of Zeps 'Your Time Is Gonna Come', The Allman Brothers ‘Mountain Jam’ with Starr and Jackson's jousting guitars being joined by Still on Yes’s ‘Starship Trooper' - it just does not get much better than that - real music y'all! We were then 'Shakin' Hands With The Holy Ghost', its cajun style opening riff, pounding drums and harmonies - a fan's favourite from 'TW' - which had hands clapping before it led into the title track, the distinctive intro of the slower Floyd flavoured 'The Whipoorwill', once again demonstrating that these guys can turn their talents to anything. Loved it."

Finally read AJ's take on Blackberry Smoke/The Biters recent Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, London, gig here plus check out our photo gallery here.

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