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No One Will Ever Know 6/3/18

Celebrated British Industrial Alternative Rock quartet Sulpher, the band fronted by former Marylin Manson/Gary Numan/The Prodigy guitarist Rob Holliday, have linked with Oblivion/SPV to release their new album ‘No One Will Ever Know’, late in August 2018. ‘Take A Long Hard Look’, the first single to be taken from the album, is set for release on Friday 16th March, followed by second single ‘Used’ on Friday 18th May and third single ‘No One Will Ever Know’ on Friday 13th July. Sulpher have dusted off and modernized their unmistakable signature sound on ‘No One Will Ever Know’, melding massive doses of Rock, Metal, a little electronica and neo-psychedelic shoegaze elements, to create a monumental album. Passionate, unconstrained anger morphs into melancholy toughness, and atmospheric mental images meet a Metallic dirtiness.

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