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No Foolin' - April WRC Bulletin Out Today 1/4/20

Despite the Covid-19 lockdown in the second half of March, today's April 2020 WRC Bulletin manages to look back at a few gigs including Buck & Evans, Goo Goo Dolls, Molly Karloff, Vex Red, Jim Kahr, Samantha Fish, Danny Bryant and Joanne Shaw Taylor, plus our Danny Vaughn, Austin Jenckes and Kyle Daniel interviews (pictured), and our Shyyne, Noble Jacks and Buck & Evans CD reviews. Also, trying to be positive, we look forward to some live streams this week, including Eclipse, Danny Vaughn, Shiraz Lane and The White Buffalo, plus some forthcoming April CD reviews including Rory Gallagher, Broken Witt Rebels, The Dowling Poole, Pattern-Seeking Animals, Marjana Semkina, Joe Satriani, Ron Coolen, Robert Jon & The Wreck, The White Buffalo, Katatonia, Wishbone Ash, Kyle Daniel, Dennis DeYoung, FM, Her Chariot Awaits, One Desire and Pretty Maids. Indeed if you are currently kicking your heels and you fancy doing a self-isolation CD review of one of the albums above, then don't be shy, just e-mail us at


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