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Nine Below Zero Tour Review 28/5/18

"Also performed in Brighton but sadly not in London was ‘Three Times Enough’, a gritty Punk offering from the 1981 album ‘Don’t Point Your Finger’, played with bullish vibrancy and lashings of snarl and bite! In London we got ‘Stop Your Nagging’, which is a fast paced chunk of Punk Blues Rock! ‘Twenty Yards Behind’ (Dr. Feelgood cover) was written by and dedicated to the legendary Wilko Johnson, a jittery galloping Ska style song, top notch stuff! ‘Watch Yourself’ (Little Walter cover) was delivered with assured strutting posturing and sauve sophistication. One of my favourite Nine Below Zero covers sees the set draw to a close, ‘Pack Fair And Square’ (Big Walter & His Thunderbirds cover) also featured on the ‘Live At The Marquee’ album, drives forward at full throttle! A hard hitting, no nonsense, heads down boogie rock out!"

Today read Steven C Gilbert's Nine Below Zero tour review from gigs at Brighton, Southend and London here.

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