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Nine Below Zero CD Review 19/10/19

"The penultimate track, ‘Breadhead’ is a fast paced rocker with Greaves taking charge on the vocals. A vibrant acoustic guitar intro leads into some tasty strutting electric guitar riffing which packs a good ol' punch! A song about the obsession with making loads of money! The last track on the album is ‘I Drink But I Don't Get Drunk’ which has an Americana, Cajun, Bossa Nova type vibe going on. A tantalizing piano intro gets this song under way with vibrant jabbing horns dominating the sound and an exuberant saxophone providing the main riff. Amusing lyrics about drinking! “I think when I should have thunk, I drink but I don't get drunk!” I would rate this album a good nine out of ten. Definitely one of their best. The band are currently on their Fortieth Anniversary Tour ‘Are We There Yet?’. So far seven songs from 'Avalanche' have appeared in the set, which is a good indicator of the quality of the new material."

Today read the whole of Steven C. Gilbert's review of Nine Below Zero's 'Avalanche' CD here, which was released earlier this month, plus check out our Video Of The Day.


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