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Nickelback At London's O2 Arena 20/10/16

"The playlist was well thought out, with the more the gentile tracks of 'Someday' for example punctuating some of the heavier stuff, working the audience (who were lapping it up by this stage) through the various ranges of tempo that Nickelback offer. I particularly enjoyed 'Too Bad' which served to remind me of just how many good tracks this band has released over the years. 'Rockstar' predictably went down with the audience as you would expect!! Chad & Co continued to entertain the crowd throughout the evening, occasionally enjoying a pint on stage and enlightening us with their ever colourful tapestry of language. Fuel, quite literally, was poured on the fire as the occasional pint was launched into the ever gracious mosh pit down below!"

That was Matt McCarthy's take on Nickelback at London's O2 Arena four years ago (pictured) and we will be there to see them again tonight - supported by the awesome Monster Truck (today's Vid Of The Day).


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