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News At 10 20/1/20

Dirty Vertebrae’s latest 3-track EP ‘Tense’ was released last month via The Animal Farm, along with their first single, ‘News At 10' (today's Video Of The Day), that paves the way for further releases and live dates this year. Hailing from the North-West of England, Dirty Vertebrae are an exciting 5-piece Rock/Rap collective, rich in hybrid strength from their genre-combining roots. This up and coming band are noted for vibrant energy and presence in live performance, being fronted by great on-stage Yin-Yang chemistry from dual vocalists, namely soaring female singer Nicole and razor-sharp male rapper Ash P. The band’s signature sound combines sharp, rapid-fire socially aware Rap with a Northern twang with post-Melodic Grunge, whilst their high energy and interaction with audiences keep their fans engaged, amused and entertained wherever they perform.


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