New Frankie Miller Album Out Soon 13/1/19

The exciting prospect of Frankie Miller's music being reinvigorated by some of the country's finest musicians, totally dedicated to the works of Frankie, is on the horizon, thanks to Full House. Led by Ray Minhinnett on guitar, a founding member of the original Full House with Frankie, touring extensively with the great man and playing on all of his classic tracks, Ray is joined by Steve Simpson on guitar, formerly of The Miller Band, Terry 'Tex' Comer provides the essentially cool grooves on bass guitar and Andy Golden, formerly of The Pirates and Eric Bell's Thin Lizzy adds the perfect touch to a remarkable rhythm section. If you're now thinking what about the vocals; then rest assured Gregor MacGregor, a fellow Glaswegian, has got this covered in spades. Discovered by an old mate of Ray's who found him singing in a bar in Glasgow and had to send Ray a video. All agreed this is as close a vocal delivery as you are going to get to Frankie's!