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Never The Bride Livestream Tonight 23/6/21

"Track of the night for me is the excellently titled ‘Don’t Trudge Mud In The House Of Love’ with it’s dirty Blues/Rock groove followed by ‘Young & Old’, ’The Girls Are Back In Town’ (No, not a Thin Lizzy spin), ’Loser’, Led Zep’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’, ’Tiger Bay’ and ‘Life On Mars?’ for the encore. Entertainment accomplished and the crowd left thoroughly appreciative with what they’d experienced and a shot of Nikki’s tequila." That was part of our take on Never The Bride's set at Camden's Green Note, back in February last year (Video Of The Day), and the girls are virtually back in town tonight at 8pm with a livestream here with special guest Marcelle Stroud from Rogues Convention. It's gonna Rock!


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