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Nectars Heaven 25/1/18

New York alt-Punk mavericks The Nectars recently revealed the video for their debut single ‘Heaven’, a three and a half minute ride into art-Rock debauchery which is today's Video Of The Day. With their debut album due out in the Summer, their punk-inflamed guitars, harmonic melodies and raw vocals lay a foundation that’s as influenced by EDM and Funk as it is by their scorching live performance. Their approach harks back to the New York Punk/Pop scene of the late 70’s, but brings a modernity of sound that these new millennial tech-savvy creatives can lay claim to. Breaking out of the suburbs of New Jersey, the four-piece consisting of members Jon Paul (bass/vocals), Mike Montalbano (drums/vocals), Michael Baron (guitar/vocals) and lead vocalist Jessica Kenny, have created a style that’s edgy, energetic and full of attitude.


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