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Naxatras Green Door Gig Review 24/9/22

"No time for a detailed track by track analysis, but suffice to say that from beginning to end the musicianship was superb, the delivery was tight, the setlist well constructed and captivating. It's a rare thing for me to get immediately taken with a new band (old dogs and all that), but Naxatras have managed to lure me in very, very quickly."

In his very own words, "Bit of an unscheduled one, and shorter than usual", today read not only Mark C's complete take on Heavy Psychedelic Rock quartet Naxatras' recent The Green Door gig in Brighton on Wednesday 14th September, but also check out our Video Of The Day of them playing 'I Am The Beyonder' at Camden's The Underworld in London two nights later.


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