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Nashville Meets London Tonite 25/8/22

Tonight at London's Trinity Buoy Wharf, it's the second night of the Nashville Meets London Festival, with a host of US and UK acts, including Priscilla Block, Kyle Daniel (pictured), Candi Carpenter, The Wandering Hearts, Tebey and Essex County, and for today's Podcast Of The Day we go back to March 2020, when we were lucky enough to catch up with Kyle Daniel for an interview, just a few days before his set at London's O2 Country To Country Festival weekend, was cancelled due to Coronavirus. Anyway, listen again today, as we talked to Kyle about cramp, C2C Berlin, C2C Amsterdam, Red Light districts,The Cadillac Three, his band,The Allman Brothers, the Country melting pot, Rolling Stone, 'What's There To Say', live performances, his Dad, curve balls, time on the road, US v UK audiences, returning to the studio, next UK tour, Led Zeppelin, Big Ben and Canadian tuxedos.


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