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Narcissistic Necrosis Interview 31/8/20

Narcissistic Necrosis join today's latest Zach Moonshine Show Track Of The Day to play and talk about their latest release, 'The Art Of Deformity', plus discuss what's going on with the band. Zach also take questions from the live chat audience and plays brand new music from Marche Funèbre, Empyrean Fire, Nominon, Transcendence (Los Angeles), Enslaved, Insidious Disease, Kataklysm, Indoctrinate, Carach Angren, Lüger, Diggeth, Cultus Profano, Opeth, Black Swamp Water, Saprophyte In Bloom (Battle Of The Bands Winners) and Sinfool, plus some classics from Power Trip, Black Breath, Plague Years and Motorhead!

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