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Myke Gray Underworld Review 28/2/20

"The song's growing crescendo ends abruptly to leave Kim to finish off the last few bars with her clear plaintiff voice. The white Tele is swapped for a similarly coloured Flying V for 'Colourblind' with a staccato guitar intro which leads into some choppy Pop Rock whereas 'Take Me Down' is a headbanging chugging Rock riff monster overlaid with Myke's intricate fingerpicking and full band backing on vocals. Kim forays out on to a small balcony to balance precariously above the crowd, posing for photos to a powerful Rock backing. Okay, it’s only 3 feet off the ground but that’s a long way up for some people. And it didn’t stop her jumping into the crowd to Rock along amongst them."

Today read the whole of Mother's take here on Myke Gray and Kim Jennett who stopped off at London's Underworld in Camden on Sunday night, half way through their UK tour, supported by The Howling Tides, plus check out our Photo Gallery here.


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