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My Wildest Dream 14/4/21

Scandinavian rockers Smash Into Pieces have released today's brand new Video Of The Day for their single, ‘My Wildest Dream’, which was released at the beginning of April, alongside the superb 'Bangarang’, both songscombining to create, 'VR' (pictured), their third storytelling episode, that follows the two adrenaline-fuelled instalments, ‘Rise Up’ and ‘Real One’, all taken from their upcoming sixth studio album.Formed in 2009 and comprised of vocalist Chris Adam Hedman Sörbye, guitarist Benjamin Jennebo, guitarist Per Bergquist plus drummer/DJ The Apocalypse DJ, and armed with gigantic riffs, infectious melodies and larger than life characteristics, the band both aurally and visually expand and explore the digital world they began to tell the story of, on last year's fifth album, 'Arcadia'.


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