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My Merry Machine Ignite 20/10/18

My Merry Machine are Rock 'n' Roll riffs and melodies between modern and alternative Metal – honest - emotional - straight in your face! The eleven songs on their new album 'Ignition', released at the beginning of this month, turn out to be varied and surprisingly mature compositions, full of power, soul and atmosphere, all the way to melancholic, covering all facets of a modern Metal band. Drummer Tim, guitarist Markus and singer Kirsten (all founding members of the Bloodflowerz) have been creatively connected again for a good year, together with bass player Georg, creating My Merry Machine: a vision, a sound and just a new and extraordinary band. Shaped, matured and grown together, the four have extensive live experience at home and abroad with numerous well-known bands on tour and on festival stages such as Mera Luna, Summerbreeze, WGT, Taubertal and Rock am Ring.

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