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Mudd In Your Eye! 28/3/16

"What a contrast then when Puddle Of Mudd took to the stage and blasted through a fantastic set - amazingly the crowd burst into life and went mental. AJ and I were jostled at the front and sang through nearly every song – strong powerful clean and AWESOME performance by the Wes, Doug, Adam, Shannon and (new boy) Christian. Well for those diehards out there you will know Christian actually played for the band before one Paul Phillips and came back when Paul left the band at the end of 2011. Covered in sweat and a croaky voice we ended the show shouting along to 'She Fkin Hates Me' – a fantastic end to a fantastic day but - "SSHTOP" as the Dutch would say – we're not finished yet. Who do we see outside – none other than lead guitarist Christian Stone who gave us a few more pics and gave a more candid view that they really need to get back to Europe more as their fan base NEEDS it." Well just under four years after Wrinkly The Silver Fox's Amsterdam review - the guys were back in Europe last night - the O2 Academy Islington to be precise. Check out our Vid Of The Day with more pics and a review to come!

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