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Moving On 28/7/18

The Rising will be doing a special performance and album signing in their hometown HMV in Belfast on Friday 3rd August at 5.30pm - the day they release their brand new album 'Moving On'. Recorded at the band's own Renegade Studios in Belfast and also at PlethoraTone Studios in Nashville - The Rising are best described as a Country Pop/Country Rock band. But they don’t like to be defined by any particular genre, and it is for this reason, plus a reflection of what they went through as a band during the making of this record and the progression of their music - that their album is called 'Moving On'. Consisting of Chantelle McAteer – vocals, synths, keyboards, Chris Logan – guitars, banjo, piano and Brian Mellors – bass, synths, keyboards - check out their brand new song 'Rebound' which is today's Track Of The Day.


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