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Motor Bikin' 23/5/16

The WRC were delighted to receive from American author Kimberly Bright, a copy of her Chris Spedding bio. The book is available on Amazon as a Kindle edition, but Kimberly has kindly said that we are more than welcome to share our copy with any WRC members who are interested in reading it - although as a thank you, we will remind you that tips are welcome via PayPal! Sometimes described as "to the left of Dave Edmunds and to the right of Brian Eno" and "the best guitarist you've never heard of", Spedding has played on over 200 recording sessions for a wide spectrum of flashes-in-the-pan and renowed artists such as Paul McCartney, Donovan, Elton John, John Cale, Katie Melua and Bryan Ferry. As a producer he has worked with the Sex Pistols, Dee Dee Ramone, the Nils, and the Cramps. He also found time to enjoy Top 20 success in the UK with his own 1975 hit 'Motor Bikin' (our Vid Of The Day). This biography of an underrated, reluctant guitar God will make you reconsider what you think about Rock music!

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