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Mother Focus! 27/3/16

"They started where it all began with the opening instrumental from 'In And Out Of Focus' - Gootjes sympathetic guitar oozing every bit of emotion from this masterpiece complemented by Jacobs, Van Der Linden and of course Van Leer with his magic flute. What an opener! For the peripheral Focus fans in the audience - the hit single 'House Of The King' from 'Focus 3' got the Underworld rockin' again thanks to Van Leer's flute - although weighing in at a paltry Prog sub-standard three minutes! As for their newer stuff 'Ode To Venus' from 'Focus 9/New Skin' slowed things down again although in my book the classic from new generation Focus has to be the re-engineering of 'Brother' - Van Leer combining the vocals on the 1978 'Focus Con Proby' version with their outstanding instrumental on 'Focus 8'. An unexpected standout on the evening - bringing the synergies of four top musicians very much to the fore. However, despite Van Leer pointing out that their performance of 'Eruption' from 'Moving Waves' would be an abridged version - perhaps for those of us planning our next toilet break given the only Gents open were in the pub upstairs - we were not to be disappointed."

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