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Mortgage On My Soul 30/9/22

Recorded with his trio and included on his forthcoming new album entitled, ‘Songs From The House Of Grease’, set for release on Friday 13th January next year, Nashville-based guitarist, singer and songwriter JD Simo has recently released his new single and today's Video Of The Day, ‘Mortgage On My Soul’, a creative and incendiary cover of the classic song by Hill Country Blues pioneer Mississippi Fred McDowell. Paying homage to the original while adding a modern twist, JD’s typically expert yet passionate guitar work and powerful, soulful vocals are on full display, while his guitar solo kicks the intensity level up a gear, aided by the backing of longtime collaborator Adam Abrashoff and bassist Todd Bolden. Containing five songs with a total running time of 40 minutes, it also includes covers of John Coltrane's 'Afro Blue’ and Blind Alfred Reed's 'How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live’, plus a free Jazz take on Simo’s own 'Higher Plane' (from his self-titled 2020 solo record) and a brand new Meters inspired cut entitled ‘Missy’s Strut’.


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