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Morse Code 2/6/19

‘Jesus Christ The Exorcist’ (see Video Of The Day), due to be released on Friday 14th June, is a monumental project in the already impressive discography of the American singer, multi-instrumentalist, bandleader and Progressive Rock composer Neal Morse. A decade in the making, this Prog Rock Musical was written and produced by Morse and features an all-star cast of vocalists and musicians. The double album set contains two hours of music that encompasses the entire musical spectrum that Morse is known for, while lyrically it tells the Story of Stories. With a cast of amazing vocalists and musicians such as Ted Leonard, Eric Gillette, Nick D’Virgilio, Randy George, Bill Hubauer, Matt Smith, Jake Livgren and more, this Prog Rock extravaganza is a landmark event that will leave its mark on every listener. He who has ears to hear … let him hear!

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